Biblical evidence against polygamy essay

So Solomon did evil in the eyes of the Lord 1 Kings Lurking in the mix of this mess is polygamy. Thereafter, biblical evidence against polygamy essay more than half a century, plural marriage was practiced by some Latter-day Saints.

David, had at least 8 wives and 10 concubines 1 Chronicles 1: Abimelech, son of Jerubbaal i. Sons of different mothers hating each other, wives playing for favorite, securing secret promises, and conspiring behind the scenes.

Young and the Mormons had brought "to the Great Basin 75 to black slaves," a fact that Young "tried to conceal from federal officials" due to the brewing controversy over slavery in the new territories In other words, the fact that the patriarchs engaged in polygamy is presented to us as a fact, as a phenomenon, and little direct explanation, defense, or condemnation is given.

Solomon, who breached both Deuteronomy 7: But to reluctantly permit, as God does, is not to command or to be pleased.

Plural Marriage and Families in Early Utah

Parents had the power to arrange marriages or forestall unions of which they disapproved. Ashur had two wives 1 Chronicles 4: Polygamy, on the other hand, while not envisaged by God in His plan for marriage see belowwas tolerated in biblical history.

See, for example, the comments of George Q. Gideon had many wives Judges 8: Therefore, the Gold Rush had a huge impact on the geography of Mormon settlement. Consistent with this pattern, Joseph told associates that an angel appeared to him three times between and and commanded him to proceed with plural marriage when he hesitated to move forward.

A spiritual witness of its truthfulness allowed Joseph Smith and other Latter-day Saints to accept this principle. Plural marriage tested faith and provoked controversy and opposition. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Moreover, members are permitted to perform ordinances on behalf of deceased men and women who married more than once on earth, sealing them to all of the spouses to whom they were legally married.

And the rest, as they say, is history. A Journal of Mormon Thought 26 Summer The United Order was "a system of economic cooperation that called upon selected Mormon communities to pool their equipment, their property, and their energy and work together," Jan Shipps, Sojourner in the Promised Land: But the greatest tension surrounded Joseph, of whom his brothers grew jealous.

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Details are contained in the relevant Prospectus or other constitutional document. Consider some of the following internecine conflicts and tragedies.

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It would seem that in the Old Testament God tolerated polygamy, as he tolerated divorce, but nowhere did He approve of it.

Polygamy Essays (Examples)

Polygamy, on the other hand, while not envisaged by God in His plan for marriage see belowwas tolerated in biblical history. This led to a plot by the other brothers to kill him, but Joseph ended up being sold into slavery to the Ishmaelites. Givens and Matthew J.

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This essay primarily addresses plural marriage as practiced by the Latter-day Saints between andfollowing their exodus to. Thus the Bible does teach against polygamy, but more in the form of a morality tale than a direct condemnation.

The fact is, polygamy leads to serious trouble. The fact is. Jun 25,  · Polygamy Essays (Examples) The effects polygamy has on financial matters, legal issues, health and disease issues and biblical issues will all be addressed in this essay to highlight the true purpose of this disturbing and unwelcomed practice.

Words: Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: Bill Against Polygamy. What biblical evidence is there for God allowing polygamy in the OT and specifically what scripture is there for when it was considered not permissible? Bible Answer: Polygamy was a common practice in Old Testament times.

Must-Reads. It happened, but it wasn’t holy or helpful – Biblical teaching It happened, but it wasn’t holy or helpful – Biblical teaching against polygamy .

Biblical evidence against polygamy essay
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