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The writer Amy Chua is Chinese; she is a professor at Yale Law School and was raised to be the best in every class except for gym and drama.

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Devin, Daron, Tyler HW:. Q: Compare essay on the ideas of parenting of amy chua and of writing assignment 1 will be a comparison-contrast essay on the ideas of parenting of amy chua and of hanna Q: How does his special world compare to his ordinary world.

The media is abuzz about Amy Chua's book, "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" (see this Why Amy Chua Is Wrong About Parenting.

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Has Chua's essay made you rethink how you parent? Why or why. Excellence in First-Year Writing 2 0 1 0 University of Michigan The English Department Hanna Pylvainen Placement, which requires new students to write an essay and answer questions about their writing, helps them select one of these courses.

Amy Chua and Hannah Rosin: a comparison and contrast of parenting styles. In recent years, Yale professor Amy Chua has drawn a great deal of attention due to her focus on a parenting style that is foreign – both figuratively and literally – to most Western parents.

Amy Chua Hanna Rosen. Topics: Childhood, Amy Chua argues in her essay, “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior,” that children raised from Chinese mothers are more successful than those raised by Western mothers. She believes that Chinese children attain exceptional achievements from forced training and develop a stronger self-esteem from.

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